Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Interesting Pictures

Last weekend in Hangzhou, while Jean and I were in the mall, they had an art exhibit of sorts, one of which was a bust of "Abraham Obama".

Someone had combined the likenesses of Lincoln and Obama and made a bust of it:

In the same area, they had this for some unknown and unexplained reason, but I thought it photo worthy anyhow:

Today, I was headed toward a restaurant to get a quick dinner when I came across this:

Apparently somebody busted a water main. In any case, this eruption created a river in the street, so I would've been unable to get to that restaurant without getting my shoes and socks totally soaked, so I ended up eating eslewhere.

1 comment:

  1. nice. but the bust looks All like Abraham Lincoln
    and nothing whatsoever like Obama.
    Lincoln was a great President. Had to face what no other American President has had to face...and that of fellow Americans fighting each other here on home soil. I hope no other President has to be faced with that again.