Monday, March 30, 2009


Last Tuesday I was inconvenienced by the fact that was blocked in China.

The reason for the blockage was due to some controversial video posted, and since the YouTube servers aren't in China, they blocked it.

I guess Google and China worked out whatever issues were at play because Friday, it was reopened, so no big deal, a temporary outage.

Unfortunately, today, for the second time in as many weeks, has been once again blocked in China.

This is getting rather annoying.


  1. hey,they just need your support to

  2. just another sign of remembering where u are at...and there is no place like home!!


  3. Yeah it can be jarring when those types of things occur. What is fun is when you go between cities and it is blocked in one but not the other. In 2006 hotmail was was inaccessible in Shanghai, but when I was in Beijing I could access it. Went back to Shanghai, and could not access it again. Then after a few days it was available. I think different telecom companies in those cities.

    Wiki was also blocked in 2007 while I was there. Where was I supposed to get accurate facts (hehe) now.

  4. You are so UNlucky. Donno what happened there. But here in shanghai everything seems okay. I have no such problems.

  5. Sorry, my mistake.
    Just found the same problem here.
    And seems it will LAST.