Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So while walking Hangzhou this past weekend, I mentioned to my girlfriend how I have seen that Chinese girls run in 2 ways:

The first way is the same way that all girls run when they need to hurry.

The second way is a move that cannot really be described in words, but is an EXTREMELY girly-looking manoeuvre, one which I have never in my life seen an American girl do, not even little girls. Furthermore this move varies from being "no more efficient than" to "only very slightly faster than" actually walking.

After I mentioned that to her (and a brief demonstration of that run so she knew what I was talking about) she had a short criticism of the way I run, like when crossing the street, or when I forget change for the bus and run back up the stairs to my room (which as you all know I can do in 23 seconds). She said "You know, when you run, you always run so fast, so powerfully, when there's no need to run so fast."

To which I replied, "If you're going to criticize the way I run, I'm glad you do it with words like 'powerfully' "


  1. in other words, there's no hurry so why power run when u don't have they do it like a power walk??.

    Hope u have a good day tomorrow for your birthday. Maybe it won't be raining?!


  2. wow...update a blog to say that?I guess you are really angry with me,is it?
    hey~~hey~~hey~~come on^^dont be mad.
    Happy Birthady.