Monday, December 22, 2008

Internet Connectivity

Well, My internet is finally back on.

For the 3rd consecutive weekend and also for 3rd time in a one week span, my internet was out. It's finally back on now.

It's been fairly frustrating, but this time the phone company actually came out to replace something, so I think (hope) it will finally be good this time.

Jean visited me this weekend and gave me my Christmas present since we won't see each other again till after Christmas. She told me last week that she got me something that she thought I would like, but I had no clue what it could've been.

So when I saw her, she gave me... a football!

I was really surprised and was seriously an awesome gift. I've been meaning to try and find one to toss around and maybe teach some of the students how to play. It's an official collegiate size ball.

Even more interesting though was she had planned to buy me a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football, and she even bookmarked the link, but when she went to go buy it later, it had already been purchased. (It was from an eBay-type website so there was only one available) Even though she wasn't able to get that one, I felt it was really cool of her that she even thought about that.


  1. Hey TJ, its Andrew Brink here from back home. Sounds like you are having a really good time in china and making new friends. I wish you could be here to play rock band with me, everyone else sucks pretty bad. I know you gave them to Mike and Mike to practice, but all practicing aside....they still suck. You should try and give me a call sometime because I dont have your number. Id like to hear from you soon. Anyways, I hope youre having fun..........GO GATORS!!!!!

  2. I think she really gets you. Where are the pictures of this new lady?


  3. Man I know more about your internet connection than I ever did!!!! Post more pictures you know how a.d.d. I am, I can't focus through a whole blog. I agree with andrew, you need to get back out here so we can drink and play some guitar hero, you should get the world tour one, they have Santeria. Hope all is well, prepare the ladies for my arrival.

    Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

  4. Steven,

    If you watch the bullet train video, you will see a quick second of her as he pans away from the mirror....

    TJs Ma.

  5. T.J.
    Merry Christmas
    Think of you at this time. Gran Ma will cook anything you want when you get home.
    I did'nt think a football was that hard to get in China.
    Have fun.
    Gran pa