Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday in Newport Beach

Well, I've been hanging out with Joe here in Orange County since Friday. Joe's new roommates are a really cool and a lot of fun.

Friday afternoon, Joe took off work early and we went to a sports bar to see the Rays win Game 2. We were the only Rays fans in there, but thats to be expected

First, on Saturday, got to watch UCF win a game against SMU. We didn't beat them very convincingly (24-17 against the 119th ranked defense in college football) but a win is a win, and frankly, as bad as UCF is this year, I'll appreciate every win. Saturday evening Joe and I went to get some wings, but before we did that we went to check out this cool scene at Costa Mesa. I didn't have my camera, just my camera phone, so the picture quality isn't great, but it is a hell of a vista.

As I told Joe, scenographically speaking, California is hard to beat.

After we ate, we went home and started playing some drinking Arrested Development, and as his roommates came home we started talking with them, drinking more, then more drinks got made and we all got SMASHED and played Rock Band.

Sunday, I got to watch the Rays and Bucs lose, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Also, interestingly, there's this harbor here in Newport where Joe was telling me about once a year, a school of jellyfish get swept into and then get stuck. It's really surreal seeing all of them just floating there. It's like a bunch of underwater metroids. Once again, I didn't bring my camera, so my crappy phone camera had to do:

So now it's Monday, and I'm basically just waiting for tonight when I'll go to LAX to head to China. Already washed my clothes from this weekend, and re-packed my bags. And now I'm watching Game 4 of the Rays' series. I've got a long 13 hour flight ahead of me, followed by a 4-hour layover in Korea, and then a 2 hour flight to Shanghai. I'm glad its a 13 hour flight followed by a 2 hour flight, rather than the reverse. This way I can get the worst part over with first. I'm not nervous about flying. It's just that 13 hours is a LOOOOONG time to spend in one seat. Anyhow, this will likely be my last post before I get at least to Asia. I am getting really excited about this now! Just over 24 hours until I am in China, and I realize the address of this website!


  1. I'm glad to see your blog and that you had a good time with Joe. The Ray's advanced to the alcs tonight. Hope the sucess continues and that your flight is nice and boring. Michael Chase

  2. wow, chase beat me to it:)
    I am glad UCF won for you right before u left (u know they did that just for you, right??):d
    Right now as I am typing you are somewhere in the air about half way across.
    The site doesn't show the plane tracking like I was able to do last time but it did say the plane was 4 minutes late in taking off. So I guess that's what they Would call "on time"! LOL
    Love ya,
    Take one day at a time.

    Mom (oops! anonymous)!