Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bicycling in Traffic

So, on Wednesday, my 2nd day with the bicycle, I rode to downtown to go to the gym SO it was my first time riding the bike in traffic.

I was a bit nervous at first because the traffic here is rather chaotic to look at. But after a few days I began getting used to it and actually, I'm not so nervous anymore, and it's kind of like a video game. Still fairly dangerous and you gotta watch out, but the city is set up for pedestrians and bicycles, and the cars are always definitely looking out for bikes and peds, so its really not too bad.

When I first got here I noticed they're constantly using their car horns. At first I thought it was strange but now I realize, it's a necessity. With so many bicycles, mopeds, and pedestrians, its not a "Hey get out of my way jerk!" horn, it's really a "There is a car approaching behind you, be careful" horn. That is unless you DON'T get out of the way, in which case the horn will beep repeatedly and then it DOES mean "Hey, get out of my way jerk!"


  1. hahaha. are u talking from experience with the horns "constantly" beeping at you! LOL
    um, in Miami Beach they are constantly honking horns....but it is an irritated honk...
    you will definitely be getting enough exercise there...what with walking up and down stairs and riding ze bike!
    Good to talk to you last night. I know Everyone enjoyed talking to you!
    Take care.

  2. Bravo! Even I dare not ride a bike on the street!

  3. It was that way in France also. Drivers seemed to keep one hand on the horn constantly. I don't know what they did if they had to shift!
    Aunt Mary