Monday, September 29, 2008

4 days....

Ok, so in 4 days I will leave home, inevitably forgetting something that is going to make things at the best inconvenient for me, at the worst quite troublesome. This past couple weeks I've been seeing lots of family and friends and while I won't be communicatively cut off from all my loved ones, I'm definitely going to miss 'em.

In the meantime, from my recent studying and practice of Chinese, I actually feel that in the past 2 months in particular I have made some good progress! 我最近进步了! That's really encouraging because while my Chinese still quite poor from what either A) I will need it to be or 2) what I feel it should've been had I not had lazy spurts over the past year (spurts of 2-3 weeks where I wouldn't study a word of Chinese), the better my Chinese is when I arrive the smoother the my inescapably rough transition period will be.

Just as a pure coincidence, the very first leg of my journey won't be alone! I found out that my cousin Megan and her husband are going to San Francisco the same day I am leaving for Santa Ana. And not just that, we are on the same first leg flight from Tampa to Atlanta that morning. Interesting coincidence is all. :)

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