Monday, June 16, 2008

Well... shoot.

So today I found out that I will not be going to China this July for a summer program.

Because of the Olympics, Tibet, the earthquakes, etc, the government has been putting pressure on many schools not to hold their summer camps. As such, Journey East was unable to get a spot, like many of these English teaching organizations have been unable to. It's been a crazy year, but oh well.

I will still be going to China in the fall, leaving late August or very early September. I still don't know exactly where I will be just yet, but it seems like it will for sure either be 湖州 (Huzhou) or 南京 (Nanjing).

All in all, its not ideal, but things could be worse, and there's not really a whole lot I can do about it, so I guess I'll just deal.

1 comment:

  1. now, I have heard of Nanjing!!
    When u are on your way to China on Sept 3, I will be on my way to Miami Beach for a fan meet!
    The travelers are we, huh?? LOLOL