Friday, December 18, 2009

Family Fotos

So this past week I've been explaining Christmas (as a cultural phenomenon) to the students as well as teaching them a couple of Christmas songs.

Some of the classes have come up just short in terms of time, meaning, I finished all my material and still had about 15 minutes left.

So I showed the students some pictures I had from Uncle Johnny's birthday party September of last year (2008).

Two very interesting comments were made, without fail, in every class that saw the photos:

Interesting comment #1: The students have all said that my father looks like Santa Claus.

Interesting comment #2, and I hope she doesn't get upset by this: The students have all said that my Italian-American (but full Italian by blood) Aunt Rosemarie looks Chinese.

Don't shoot the messenger on this one. I can see their first point, but I don't personally see the second.


  1. I don't either. not sure she would react to this!! LOL

    as long as they are not saying that I look like MRS. Claus!!! LOL

  2. are u explaining about Christmas by just telling about Santa Claus or about what the word DOES actually mean??

  3. I do explain that Christmas exists to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who is the central figure in Christianity. That's as far as I go, just explaining the origin of it. After that, its cultural implications and traditions.