Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funny New Word

I just learned a new expression today in Chinese.

Apparently, this usage is becoming less common in China, used more primarily among the older generation, but Chinese can say "hai zi ta ma" (孩子他妈) or "hai zi ta ba" (孩子他爸) to refer to their wife or husband respectively.

What makes this funny is that, "hai zi" translates to "child" and "ta ma" translates to "his mom" (while "ta ba" is "his dad").

So, "hai zi ta ma" and "hai zi ta ba" are quite LITERALLY "baby mama" and "baby daddy."


  1. haha,its really cute to write this.

  2. What's the expression for "Baby Mama Drama"? WHEN ARE U COMING TO VISIT AGAIN?!??!?

  3. for those who wonder why TJ is not blogging...China is blocking the blogging. But TJ will be home the end of June for a couple of weeks...

    TJs mom.