Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So while I am learning the Chinese language and practicing in some form every day, I am also unexpectedly brushing off and practicing my Spanish.

Here in Huzhou, there is a Peruvian man named Erik. I met him around Christmas time and he and I have been hanging out a bit since then. His English is ok, a little bit better than my Spanish, but not great.

Anyhow, it's a good chance for me to dust off and get some practice with my Spanish and Chinese skills at the same time... Which also has some unwanted side effects. Since I've been studying Chinese more intensely and more recently, often when I want to say something in Spanish, the Spanish word just will not come to mind because the Chinese word won't go away. And I'm talking about with simple expressions like "I", "He is... ", "I want to...", etc.

But while I have forgotten a LOT of Spanish since high school (when I was actually pretty decent at it), having used it with him recently has gotten me back into the hang of it a little.

Now I just have to work on switch between "Spanish mode" and "Chinese mode" more easily. Which, like anything, practice makes perfect.


  1. okay, hopefully you can switch to English mode whenever you come back!! Cuz that's all we understand! !LOLOLOL!

  2. TJ,

    Do you "think" in Chinese now? Because it is said that if so and especially if you dream in that language, then you really have the grasp of that language....
    Wow. Doing good no matter knowing 3 languages is fantastic...


  3. just don't use it when we play poker lol (poker face not poker language)Perry